Who We Are

AMIGOS WELFARE TRUST for the blind persons (Regd) working for special persons and doing their best to rehabilitate them, For the sake of upliftment of the blind persons we are doing many efforts. We provide them jobs in Govt. Dept or finance them for self-employment’s projects. For entertainment we use to organize picnics. So, blind people and their families can enjoy.


We have Library consists of audio cassette which have printed and non printed material containing textual and non textual things for the study of visually impaired people named Amigos Talking Library we are trying our level best to organize this library fruitful for the Thirsty of Knowledge.

Under the umbrella of this organization we did not only enhance the library but we try to make adults mind to continue their study according to their requirements. For that purpose we provide them opportunities to learn and we bear their educational expenses.


Provide the services to General Public free of cost or at a minimum fees as per requirement of case.

    1. To facilitate blind persons in respect of their medical treatments / health, and to provide them medical facilities free of cost or low cost program with the association and help of various hospitals / channels/ resources.
    2. To arrange workshops, seminars, awareness program to the blind persons in respect of health.
    3. To form, establish, assist or co-operate with any other Association or institution any kind whatever, having object similar or partly similar to the objects of the association to facilitate blind persons regarding providing medical facilities.
    1. The advancement of education by such means as the trustees shall in their absolute discretion think fit and in particular but without prejudice to the generally of the discretion by the establishment, maintenance and aiding of educational institution such as Special Education Centre, Braille Education Centre, Braille Literacy Program, Braille Instruments Program, Primary, Secondary schools for Blind persons / blind children, colleges, universities, adult education centers, Information Technology Institutions, Vocational Training Institutions, Braille libraries, Talking libraries based on textual and non textual material in including Audio Cassettes / CDs, Braille reading rooms, the provision of local and foreign scholarships for blind persons, stipends, Braille books and travelling expenses to deserving students, and the organization and development and improvement of technical and commercial education including the training of blind teachers.
    2. To arrange for the spiritual education Academic and Technical.
    3. To transcribe text books from Class ‘I’ to M.A. level in Braille and to provide Audio Cassettes and Audio CDs and to distribute the same free of cost to the blind students in the all cities of Pakistan.
    4. To transcribe general knowledge and other books in Braille and to distribute the same to the needy blind persons free of cost.
    5. To release and publish magazines periodicals in Braille with a view to fulfill the educational and literary needs of the blind persons after getting periodicals declarations and permission from the competent Authority.
    6. To arrange all educational / training / technical activities for the blind persons and to establish and run Institutions / training centers under the said Trust on non-political and non-religious basis free of cost.

    The advancement of Sports for blind persons by such means as the trustees shall, in their absolute discretion, think fit and in particular but without prejudice to the generally of the discretion by the establishment of all kinds of Sports / out door or indoor games and aiding of Sports institution such as sports complex, play grounds, health centers, sports clubs, swimming Pools etc to facilitate male and female blind persons.

    1. To channelize and mobilize the facilities available with the individual Trustee for general charitable and diffusion of useful knowledge.
    2. To train, educate and rehabilitate the blind persons so as enable them to engage in useful life.
    3. To provide facilities to the blind persons, helping for their self employment and for which to provide necessary training / technical training etc.
    4. To maintain, equip, expand and to administer the affairs of the said Trust and its properties.
    5. To secure, receive, accept and manage funds, gifts, donations, grants, endowments and subscription, Zakat Sadqat, Fitra, Hides and skins or any other immovable Property or properties from all sources by lawful means within the country and to utilize the same for furthering and promoting the aims and objects of the Trust
    6. To construct Hospital, Nursing Homes, Old Houses, Vocational Training Centre, Tuition Centre, Braille Libraries, Braille Mobile Libraries, Industrial Homes, Computer Training Centre, Sports complex, Sports Clubs etc. for blind persons and for these purposes to acquire land from the Provincial/Federal Government.
    7. To create spirit of mutual help and sympathy among the sighted and blind people.
    8. To help needy blind persons, orphans, widows and grant stipends for blind students.
    9. The Trustees shall be entitled to accept donations to the Trust in cash or kind either locally or from abroad, from such person or persons, institution or institutions, firm or firms and company or companies and/or from Government and local bodies on such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between them and the donors and which the Trustees in their absolute discretion deem fit and proper.
    10. It shall be lawful for the Trustees who shall have full authority and powers to apply & spend absolutely whole or any part of the corpus & income of the Trust Fund to achieves charitable objects & purposes, here in above enumerated and/ or corpus & income of the Trust Fund to other Charitable Trusts for charitable objects herein above enumerated in these presents on such terms & conditions as the Trustees may in their absolute discretion determine.